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Yearly Dinner Series

'Participants commit to four dinners, one hosted by each congregation. They sit with the same tablemates for each session in order for relationships to grow and strengthen through discussions facilitated by trained volunteer table hosts. As the dinners progress through the year, the discussions become increasingly substantive and adventurous.

Continuing Conversations

Finishing the year-long set of dinner activities doesn't mean that the opportunity for discussions with new friends from other faiths is over. Continuing Conversations are opportunities for past participants to enjoy the facilitated FFG discussions with others. Recent topics have included "Having Difficult Discussion"; "When Religion is Easy but Life is Hard"; and other agendas meant to spur deeper discussions among friends.

Service Projects

Just as we learn to share face to face in discussion, so we also learn to share side by side in service to our community. We do this through food drives, donations to local service organizations, holiday gift collections for the less fortunate and other projects.

Informal Activities

The most important part of Friends For Good is the many informal meet-ups, parties, lunches, dinners, and outings that participants themselves schedule with the new friends they have met as part of FFG. What began as an interfaith adventure becomes the gift of genuine friendship and affection.

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